5:38 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • My guy is gone
    deployed decoy
    Mike we took care of the perv from Idaho tapping out code in a airport bathrooms. I cant help you with the fools from other states... Say Washington. Seattle got dumped on like not since 1940 last week. It is very hilly and instead of some creek like DC has, Seattle has big water to stop the sliding Ideite (someone from Idaho) from hitting anything really solid. Some Idiot on the other hand, forgot to close most of 3 states to federal workers driving last week in the NW. I wonder if any of them that got hit by some DC implant can sue OPM.
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  • Weather WImps
    Jack Elliott
    How would that person from St. Louis know whether others memories are false or true? I suspect he is a made-up character just to make a (false) point. And about D.C. weather coping: For years Washington had this buffoon for a mayor, who once famously said that Spring was the solution to snow removal.
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  • weather versus people
    Today's column is one of the funniest you have ever published. I just heard a security guard tell someone that Texans (Dallas POD) do not know how to drive on ice. Besides the Zamboni driver, who really does? The winter of 79 St. Louis had 2 major snow storms as I recall. One was wet and one was dry. I almost got stuck both times. Then Dallas had a record number of consecutive 100 degree days when we moved here in 1980. Still prefer the scorching sun to the freezing rain. Sounds to me like the decision to delay start time for govt employees was a real benefit to many people. Let the outsiders make fun because you pointed out very cleverly that the people we voters send to your town sometimes create as many or more laughable events for your community and the rest of the country as anay weather can. Greatresponse. Our governor could have used you to help him prep for his debates.
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    This column should be prominently posted in every major hometown newspaper of the 535 'residents' on Capitol Hill as well as the occupants at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW!!!
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