8:07 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Your headline
    Your headline of 2 hour delay is wrong. Please go back and read the information. thanks.
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  • Does the delay effect the VRE schedule?
    Trying to find out how the delay will effect the VRE schedule...
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  • Seattle NOT
    deployed decoy
    Well where was OPM when the NW was pounded last week. This week, they only expect ice conditions and made it a 2 1/2 day weekend in the strongest nation on earth federal HQ. I give OPM. But I do think the federal income tax law would allow for snow tires as a condition of employement out of pocket cost. Oh and CNN is reporting really bad weather in the SE today... Better start breaking the hot spiced wine out in Atlanta so you can figure out how to put the chains on to get to work.
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  • Snow tires
    No. Snow tires are not deductible for the average commuter. They would be in part or full if the car is used for business as defined by law and regs.
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  • Delay reporting to work
    American Nana
    Everybody wants to have a say in the post office these days, I did not see any announcement for postal workers (also, federal workers) to be safe and stay home for 2-3 hours due to icy conditions. When only Part time help is running these offices, wanna bet how many will risk life and limb to get these offices open????
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