8:22 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Dollar a Day
    deployed decoy
    Mike, that $400/yr depending on tax bracket is about one dollar a day in the bank. Er, I mean well spent, as I estimate the $3 a day FEHB will go up in 2013 alone. My vote is stop the madness of the highest paid military on the planet - its not just pay. It is bumping disabled veterans to higher the spouse of the Commander at a GS14 that rivals 30% disabled priority, or federally funded child daycare for a spouse that got the perfect GS13 job at the expense of a homeless vet, best and cheapest health care in the USA, tax free housing/food cash incentives that bump the average private up way above the poverty line. But the military cries for more money because of the starving 3 kids the private has that he could not support working part time at Starbucks (but that same 1.6% goes a lot further for the brass in the Pentagon backing said poor depressed suicidal private wages. Then tax all Americans that call the USA home regardless if their earned income is in Germany, Puerto Rico (receives the foreign tax credit), or Canada, only exception; military in a formal combat zone, not in Kuwait drawing COLA and living in the city in a $40k a year paif for home. Currently the amount any American can bank in any overseas location is around $87,000 federal income tax free. Why? Well I know the answer to the military 1.6% raise, keep those muzzle flashes directed away from congress and at the starving 99% rioting in the streets. When they pay a smoke jumper GS12 salary (well they do with OT and hazard pay those folks average GS13 over 9 months work) or a Mt Rainier Park Ranger that same GS12, who in most cases must take Christmas pay period off in LWOP as they can only work 25 PP a year, I will be all for some private who was under no duress to join, getting a 1.6% raise.
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  • DD American Hero
    Speaking truth to power again. While your strong arguments may not win friends among the privileged, I decry the "divide and conquer" approach that the Congress & Prez have taken. They obviously think they've got the votes locked up so they can throw their friends to the wolves. But things are getting worse not better. Duck and Cover.
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  • A Pittance
    Why not freeze WIGIs for a year and take that money and give all federal workers a meaningful raise that will at least bring us back to where we were 3 years ago relative to health insurance, etc. increases. Many Feds are at the top of their grade and have received 0 increases for what will essentially be three years. The FICA tax holiday can't last forever.
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