8:22 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Not a true comparison
    deployed decoy
    By some accounts I have been told, as much as 40% of the stuff that got off a boat in Pakistan, never made it to the border. The reasons basically fall on the Pakistan government. They refused to allow satellite tracking in Pakistan. They refused to allow the USA to keep eyes on the stuff. In many cases entire 8x40 shipping containers were emptied out while the driver was paid more from the bandits than he got from the USA. Course knowing this the military had the good sense to not resupply nuclear power rods or other stuff the US could not afford to lose so close to Iran. Not saying people live better in Afghanistan than Detroit. But the level of comfort in regards to food (at least on bigger base camps where 80% of Americans are) is pretty darn good. Maybe cutting back on frozen hams and pork bacon in the Muslim world could be a good thing.
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