8:08 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Front Page Story
    deployed decoy
    I do not find this surprising. In the ME version of the Stars and Stripes today, the front page story is about a BDE Commander who goes to Court Martial next week. Apparently his soon to be ex wife narcd him out. Well, long after silly red flags like $80,000 cell phone charges on a US Govt phone used by his Iraqi mistress were paid. And the wife only did this since after 20 years of being married to the guy, he got married by proxy in MT while still married to her and this halted her ability to use Tricare. When commanders, EEOC and the IG all look the other way or worse intentionally misdiagnose an illness to mitigate health care cost or future VA disability. When the bar for enlistment was lowered into the weeds for years to meet enlistment goals. When BN Commanders have their UCMJ action for sexual misconduct (sneaking Privates off post putting a whole new meaning to serving under the Commander) posted all over the base, but are allowed to move to the Pentagon for the next duty assignment. Just what does one expect the end result will be. Suicides are just the end result. Rapes, prostitution, gang related crime, wild adult parties in the desert areas of camps, it just keeps getting worse. At least in Kuwait the weapons are all locked up way far away. In Kosovo I was not worried about the Soldier who was going to blow his head off, not much is going to prevent that. I was worried about the one that wanted to take half the camp with them. I believe someone else got worried about this threat and mitigated it. Lets just hope the bad guys give us a few hours notice before storming the camp so we can shoot back, thanks to that fix for the problem.
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  • Facing the Complexity of Military to Civilian Transition
    Unfortunately, the increase in suicide rates demonstrates the challenge of military to civilian transition even for those who have not been on the battlefield. Successful transition training and preparation involves far more than creating a solid resume and shoring up one's interview skills. We must do a better job preparing servicemembers prior to separation from military service for the significant shift in culture, mindset and environment that awaits them in civilian life. For more information, please visit www.seniormilitaryintransition.com
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  • I Wonder What Anti-Depressants Were In Use
    Radar Tech
    There appears to be a correlation between anti-depressant use and suicide/murder. I cannot help but wonder how many of these folks were on prescription drugs.
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