4:28 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Frank V.
    deployed decoy
    You are the perfect example. OPM delays all this for as long as they can. On the hope that you die of starvation and leave no survivors behind and no place for OPM to send any check. They took this page out of the VA policy that delays disability payments years. Of course congress did a little in the case of VA. Under federal law, Disabled American Vets must be given prominent positions in the lobby. These DAV people are funded with CFC and other non tax dollars, from such places at that person handing out poppies at the grocery store. Their sole purpose in life, is make the federally funded VA federal employees that are paid with tax dollars to screw the Vet, lives as miserable as possible. When OPM is required to sit people in the lobby that have the backing of federal unions, class action lawyers and has the vested interest of the former federal employees best interest as their primary duty. Things might change. Of course screwing up a couple members of congress retirement packages might do the same thing. But I suspect OPM has a fast track program for VIPs. It would be interesting for someone to use FOIA and find out the time it takes to get a Senator their Govt retirement.
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  • The long gray line: Your retirement
    I would like the link to the OPM explanation that Frank V. mentioned in his reply to the article “The long gray line: Your retirement” on date 01-20-2012. I retired (early out-FERS) on March 2009. My full pay was done within 2 months. I guess I was lucky. I started collecting items 3-4 years before I retired. I also went through my OPM file and corrected a couple of items. I have friends and former colleagues who are getting ready to retire that would be interested in the article in Frank’s link. Thanks.
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  • What You Can Do to Speed up the Process
    First, I want to make it clear that in most cases, it is not your agency Human Resources Office that is at fault here. Your retirement application cannot be sent to OPM until your payroll records are closed out. That means after you receive your last salary payment and lump sum annual leave payment. Submitting your retirement application to your HR Office a year ahead of time won't get you a retirement annuity any faster from OPM. Second, attend a pre-retirement seminar either at your agency or from a commercial vendor. Educate yourself about your retirement system and your civilian and military service that is creditable for retirement annuity computation purposes. Get retirement counselling from your agency's retirement specialist 6 to 12 months prior to your expected retirement date. Make sure all your periods of Federal civilian service and periods of active and active duty for training are documented in your Official Personnel Folder (OPF). If you have periods of service where you were not covered by by CSRS or FERS, check to see if you are eligible to pay a deposit into your retirement system to make those periods creditable for retirement computation purposes. If you left Federal service and took a refund of your contributions, inquiry about making a redeposit of those contributions to make that service creditable. Make your deposits and redeposits at least 9 to 12 months prior to your retirement date to avoid processing delays at OPM. If you plan ahead and do these things well before retirement, your application processing will go much faster at OPM.
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  • Interim payments
    People need to know that taxes aren't withheld from those interim payments. Be aware & plan ahead.
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  • Retirement and OPM
    OPM posted on its webpage yesterday its long-awaited Strategic Plan for finally coming to grips with the ever-worsening retirement application processing backlog. As is usual in such documents, golden promises are made and a plethors of steps specified to make it all go away. However, unless Congress keeps the heat on - fueled by Federal retiree constituent mail - there's ever present the danger that OPM will unobtusively renege on said promises or that OPM's record of sheer bureaucratic ineptitude in this and other areas (remember last fall's USAJOBS fiasco?) will again be displayed in all its (lack of) glory. In other words, to quote from another context, remember President Reagan's "Trust but verify" principle.
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