11:33 pm, May 22, 2015

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    Kenny Ray
    At one time newspapers reportedly wrote their stories at about the eighth grade level as that was considered the average reading level for most Americans. Perhaps the government's plain language standard needs to adopt that criteria, although I am afraid the eighth grade level may be too high today.
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  • Too Funny
    A congressman thinks the federal rules are too complicated. Maybe he should implement a law requiring Congress not to make it so complicated. Perhaps if those up on the Hill actually listened to the Feds that have to deal with their nonsense, they might actually appreciate the fact that those on the front lines really do know what we are talking about. Oh wait, reality just hit.....like congress would ever listen to the people.....nevermind.......
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    JR Samples
    The Office of General Counsel has long required us to use legal terminology that few, if any, would understand.
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  • The Dumbing-Down of America
    I am all for taking the legalese out of Federal Documents and simplifying the language. But, to the extent that I have seen this act being implemented, the result almost borders on the promotion of illiteracy. It reminds me of the issue of publishing some of our documents and forms in a foreign language. Americanized-English may not be the official language of this country, but it is the recognized language. You come here, you need to speak the language. Other countries demand it of their citizens, why can't we? The government wants to save money, they can save millions by stop publishing in foreign languages. Back to the "Plain Language Act", yet another bad idea that hurts more than helps.
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