6:58 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Civilians should welcome Secretary Panetta's proposal
    Norman's Mother
    to extend protection to DoD civilians and contractors. When deployed overseas, DoD civilians and contractors fall into a gray area that subordinates them to military authority while denying them due process under the Constitution. I had personal experience with this anomaly while I (voluntarily) deployed to a NATO base in Europe. I was subjected to verbal abuse and threats to my person by an Army 0-4. He was so virulent I had to call my agency and demand to return home. There were no police to call or magistrates to issue a restraining order against this individual. Which brings me to question as to why victims of sexual abuse at the academies don't pursue their abusers in civil court. Sexual assault is a crime in Maryland, New York state and Colorado. In my opinion, a crime committed on Federal property is still a crime against the perspective State and the State has a right to prosecute. At any rate, this is an issue for the DoD lawyers to work out, along with their civilian counterparts. I would like to see Secretary Panetta's proposal expanded to make it illegal for any military person to threaten, harass, sexual assault or otherwise intimidate DoD civilians and contractors. Looks like the lawyers have work to do.
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  • Ditto Mom
    deployed decoy
    Well for starters my agency did not have a staffed EEOC office for the better part of 2 years. No begging the federal office or DOD Investigation Resolutions Division could get me a person I could file an EEO complaint to. Overseas we are all subject to the whims of management that know FLSA does not apply, EEOC all but a ghost desk and sure no local legal support. The military protects their own you know. Better than all this. CNN carried a story over the weekend about women drummed out of the military for reporting sexual assault. Apparently it is DOD wide unwritten policy to label the woman as having a pre-existing mental problem and toss her out with ZERO service connected benefits or even able to use the GI Bill, after she is raped...
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