3:35 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Class action still in the works
    deployed decoy
    Well Overseas foreign (those of us with very few federal labor law protections and zero union support) special rate employees, unite. I remember the Army Europe G1 General grabbing the microphone out of the Army Europe experts hands in 2007 to answer a question. In short he stated we were all getting placed into NSPS because we had no union support and were subject to few US federal labor laws, in reply to a question that asked about parts on NSPS that had already been ruled by the courts not to take effect in the USA. I held GS12 step 10 for over 2 years going in to NSPS in 2007. As such I did not receive the WIGI Bribe In. Through the magic of NSPS I exceeded GS12 step 10 by 5% in June 2010 when we went back to GS. I had lost over $16,000 while in NSPS, due to no special rate salaries paid to NSPS slaves. Through the magic of math not even congress could ever hope to smoke and mirror the American public. I came out of NSPS as a GS12 step 9 (NINE). I lost another 9 years of high grade and step held. To date being a valued performer in NSPS has cost me over $25,000 and counting. The best I can determine on all this is only the ARMY did this to people. Thus the class action will name the SECDEF as the deep pockets. Worse than all this, both OPM and DOD have falsely testified to congress on these very subjects in the last two years. Any new pay for performance system should ONLY come from OPM and should apply to every fed on the planet. Leaving the agencies to make up the rules as they go, is exactly the reason one person I shared an office with back in 2007 as a brand new promoted GS11. Made it to GS14 by 2010 by job hopping (well besides NSPS, some very questionable actions of friends and family).
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  • Paper Chase
    Under NSPS, my annual performance appraisal went from 2-3 pages to over 25 pages. Plus the work-hours required took away from our mission related work. Good riddance!
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  • The Cost of Being Different
    Lisa Lisa
    For whatever reason, the fed gov has a set of standards and then there is DoD. One thing I found very shocking after leaving the military where everything was the same no matter where you went, is why DoD has a different way of functioning diffferently from the rest of the fed gov. I mean its EVERTHING..procurement, finance, regulations, and yes pay and promotions. NSPS was a complete and utter failure. There is a cost associated for being different. As I recall when I was in DoD under NSPS (notice I said I WAS in DoD-good riddens!), there was at one time a brief article or 2 about what the cost was to institute NSPS. Then that got buried. I dont think we ever will know the TRUE cost of NSPS from cradle to grave. We are talking EVERYTHING from hiring contractors, paying rental spaces, people, time..ALL OF IT. I would venture to say, that the cost was up in to the hundreds of millions and that was money wasted as we all know today. I have NEVER understood why the fed gov permits seperate ways of doing business when it comes to pay, benefits, HR stuff, procurement, finance and contracting. It seems it should all be from one cloth so that Congress or whomever can evaluate agencies using the same methods every time.
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