8:33 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Buyout opportunity
    I was hopeful that I could be offered early retirement and a buyout, I am under CSRS and I would be able to sustain my cost of living under such an opportunity. I am fortunate to have a 2nd job to supplement my expenses and has worked it for years. When the buyouts were offered for my agency (IRS), they were selective and I didn't have the option. Maybe next time. Hoping and Waiting
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  • Why
    Why are you waiting for a buyout? if you are a lower grade employee then maybe I can see your point. if you are a higher grade employee then the buyout is worth only a few months salary. Retire when you want to.
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  • Not average
    I can testify to the logjam on retirement payments. Now into month 7 of interim payment which I estimate to be 45% of what I will eventually get. I retired under FERS with no other complications.
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  • Interesting NUF today
    But wouldn't people get suspicious when the saw the sword?
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  • Paperwork
    "The federal retirement process is one of the last bastions of paperwork, forms and important accompanying memos that must be compiled, sorted, eye-balled and approve by a living, breathing, sneezing human being." So the question is why can't more of the review be automated, maybe it should be looked into.
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  • Custer's Last Stand and your Retirement
    Jackie, IRS, Oklahoma
    I am eligible to retire, and plan to do so at the end of September, 2012. I am somewhat worried about the backlog, and am planning ahead for financial purposes. One advantage I have is my husband is still working, so we could manage on his salary. I will have 32 years of service for the IRS, starting in CSRS and switching in 1998 to FERS, which I feel sure will complicate my annuity. Another advantage I have is my TSP has a nice balance, and I am looking at options to reinvest my money in other IRA's, that would give me more control over the funds.
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  • Good luck
    Still hope you get your normal annuity in a reasonable period of time.
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