12:32 am, May 28, 2015

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  • DISA has the right strategy, but needs alternative expertise to execute
    I have to agree with DISA on this topic, that there should be a single IT Acquisition Approach, and a DOD managed Secure Cloud. This would not conflict with the new NDAA that directs DOD to use commercial cloud services/technologies thanks to effective lobby efforts of our largest trade associations. The recently published work of ENISA and the IT-AAC suggest that DOD can tap commercial Cloud offerings and remove the insider threat by having it managed within a DoD hosting center. Congress wanted DOD to avoid the MilSpec Cloud approach that is being advanced by a few mis-guided FFRDCs who lack access to commercial best practices and promote a weapon systems design to spec approach. This why the 2010 NDAA Section 804 was passed, telling DOD to stop using MilSpec processes for IT, and now, stop designing MilSpec Cloud systems, which are destined to be tomorrows Legacy Stove Pipe we can no longer afford.
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