6:51 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • What a JOKE!
    This worthless agency has been trying this since this woman was named as Administrator. Ohhh, the mighty Obama gives the worst place to work a Cabinet appointment. This very agency is the largest dumping gerounds for politcal appointees anywhere in government. It also house the largest SES to employee ratio of any US agency. What a phacking circus. There ya go Karen, you got what you wanted. Now, when are you going to turn that agency into something productive?
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  • Hmm, the Senator from Maine supports this?
    Perhaps because this is where SHE comes from? I say eliminate this agency and make them a section in the Dept of Commerce, headed by a GS-15. There is no one in this agency worthy of maintaining their SES or GS-15 pay. Just look at the number of labor complaints filed against this agency in the past - dam near human rights violations. And look at the number of times this agency was informed of improper managerial practices, only to wash them under the carpet blaming the employees for their very own faults. What a joke.
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