4:32 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • I wont take one
    deployed decoy
    If the VSIP is $25k, it is not worth it to me. I will retire 31 Dec 2012 anyway. The extra 4 weeks of leave to cash in is worth a quarter of the buyout. The added contributions to TSP about another quarter. The added Hi-3 calculations about another 1% a year for the rest of my life (with sick leave factored in). Then I get paid to take about 3 months off with leave I dont plan to cash out. In short working part time the rest of this year, but get paid full time wages...
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  • Forgot
    deployed decoy
    When I dont take a VSIP with my years of service and vet status. I can only assume some non vet with 3 kids at home will get RIFd and add to the unemployment numbers. The upside, they can replace us both with one contractor willing to work for food.
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  • Good Luck
    Good luck in retirement. If I am going to retire anyway, then I will take it. It will not influence me to retire, but if it is there and I am going anyway, then why not? We'll see.
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