10:50 am, May 30, 2015

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  • About Time!!!
    Radar Tech
    Contractors working for Uncle Sam make, on average, 1.83 times as much money as a federal worker doing the EXACT SAME job. Some make as much as 5 times the amount as a federal worker for the same job. (Source: the non-profit Project on Government Oversight http://www.pogo.org/pogo-files/reports/contract-oversight/bad-business/co-gp-20110913.html) Then there are the idiotic spiral development contracts, written because the powers that be are to ignorant to know what we actually need and too stupid to ask...so they let the contractor tell them what they need. That's like letting the car salesman dictate to you which car you leave the lot with, no matter what your budget is or your actual needs! And finally, we have contractors overseeing contractors. Talk about having a fox guard the henhouse! Meanwhile, federal workers are vilified, demonized, and pilloried by the press, the congress, and the public for "making too much money". This despite the difference in educational requirements and achievements between the average private sector worker in the broader economy and the specialized federal workers. For many in the federal workforce, our lives are literally put on the line during our normal work day; and not just the police and fire workers. Many work with radio active materials or emmitters, RF, high voltage, heights, etc. and all in inclement (sometimes extreme) weather, holidays and weekends, around the clock. Our reward...a 2 year pay freeze because the congress cannot cut pork spending or create sustainable and sufficient revenue streams to cover necessary expenses. So, this is long overdue that contract management be overhauled.
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  • How many respondents?
    I don't really have any comment about the substance of the report. I stopped reading when I realized that the report is based on seven (YES, 7!!) respondents. How can the report be considered valid? With the "right" seven respondents, you could probably get any results you wanted, not that I think you are trying to bias the report.
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