4:22 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Scarey
    Time Bandit
    Have you looked at your stores freezer section to see where seafood comes from? Look on the back of a bag of Talapia or Haddock, you see what I see? FARMED AND PROCESSED IN CHINA. Do you really want to trust eating food from a country that has no health regulations? You want to see what else is scarey? Look through this list and see what American companies use China to manufacture goods/food for us: http://www.jiesworld.com/international_corporations_in_china.htm. I have no problem them making certain goods, however I DO have a problem of them making food for us. We have to stop being so reliant on China, when it comes to food....it should stay within our country.
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  • If you google Secretary Vilsack's announcement...
    FERS Fed
    ...you'll see the 259 Ag office closings are getting a LOT of local newsplay throughout the country. Now that federal budget cuts are affecting Americans other than just feds, wonder how that's going to play for the RepubliCANTs and Tea Party 'patriots' come November?
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