12:41 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • USA Today missed it
    deployed decoy
    Well our media folks can be for us, or against us. We should draw a line in ink and fight it out with rancid butter and wood pitchforks. That aside, USA Today missed an entire group of feds. Overseas (non-foreign). They all got raises again effective 1 Jan. Well kind of. They are all moving from tax free COLA (the kind of pay that stops at retirement and SAVES the Govt money). To RUS or higher Locality Pay (Alaska and Hawaii in the higher brackets). Now I am still trying to figure out how Puerto Rico fell into RUS, since US federal folks are the ONLY group of people in PR that pay US federal income tax AND are subject to the 33% Commonwealth income tax. I interviewed for PR last month. Sounded like the perfect job. Me and 8 contractors (the rest of the Navy turned out the light long ago) in our own private facility. But when I figured out it was not a foreign country, or a US state for that matter, (no tax free COLA, LQA Housing or taxed Post Differential) and I was going to lose 33% of all my income over $50k to the Commonwealth. I would have saw a small bump in pay moving from foreign special rate to RUS salary, but not very much. I figured Kuwait was a better place to retire from. I based part of that decision on the two people in my office that grew up in PR and left home at 18, never to return. Must be a good reason to not go there, besides getting raped in taxes.
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  • Cutting average Federal Pay
    If the government wants to cut the average federal pay, one step is to privatise the VA. Other than determining if someone is disabled or what percentage disabled (I am sure there are special government rules for that) all the treatment, drugs, etc. can be done through the private sector. Give the veterans a "VA Medical" card for services that they would normally get at the VA hospitals. Very helpful to Vets who are not near a VA or in a rural area and have to drive long distances to get there. Could save money all around, and with all the doctors off the payroll (Top 20 highest paid Federal Employees are doctors) the average pay would really drop and maybe the rest of us wouldn't get picked on so much! Worth a try!
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  • Kinda agree
    deployed decoy
    yes allowing DAVs use of the local hospital would lend to faster and possibly better service. Problem is the VA proper. Those fools charter is to delay all claims until 5 years after the vet is dead. Keeps those people out of the VA hospital or from receiving checks in the mail. There is a reason it is a federal law that every federal bldg that has a VA office, has a Disabled American Vet in the lobby. That person funded with CFC and other non-tax money, sole purpose in life is to get the Vet the services they are due. I suggest we replace the VA with DAV and fund those guys with federal money.
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