5:16 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Whats wrong with this picture
    deployed decoy
    The military no longer travels in uniform (since the Air Force lost a few folks in Frankfurt international last year). This order to travel in civilian clothing was extended to driving to work or back within European Command. Never mind Army Central Command violates this 4-Star order when they require military on the ME R&R rotator to travel (and lay over) in EUCOM in uniform. Force protection issues that military are uniformed sitting ducks outside terminals in Europe having cigarettes aside. Not a sole on active duty travels in uniform with the family (maybe a bunch of high ranking wives do on the MilAir Learjet to Italy when the general has a business meeting and the wives want to shop in Italy). Then just what in any sane mind makes a person believe a uniformed service member is any less risk than the general public. Think about Ft Hood, the recent killing on Mt Rainier of a NPS Ranger and several other cases that I cant remember just now, including the military deploys people who are charged with felony crimes in civilian courts. Then factor in the military population compared to 330 million Americans and the percentage of folks murdering others I know will be higher for uniformed members than the general public. At least after killing several and burning down a medium size village. Big business lost the lobbyist battle and now has to replace 50 year old rusted out, faulty welded, gas lines. My money is on after a commercial jet with 350 on board is brought down by a uniformed member with an attitude they fix that security issue (again).
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  • Gaping security hole?
    How hard would it be for a terrorist, who's not a member of the military, to dupe the TSA into letting him through the military-only line? Uniforms aren't that hard to get. I suspect the truth is that Obama knows the TSA is conducing security theater at airports. So it's no big deal if some fraction of travelers get through more easily. No meaningful security measures are bypassed in the process.
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