2:09 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Part of the 99%
    deployed decoy
    Well as a new tax year comes to life and feds are the evilest things since outhouses were replaced with indoor plumbing. I have a simple idea. Tax the untaxed 99%. US contractors (any non federal or military employee American actually) working outside the USA for most of the year are US federal income tax exempt. The (wrong) assumption I think when they were excluded (by congress) was they paid foreign income tax. Even if they do, they get a $1 for $1 CREDIT for foreign tax. In places like Germany, the host nation has made great strides to get their income tax. Although most American military contractors are still TESA exempt from paying German taxes (it would cost so much more for the labor the US does everything it can to keep the Americans from paying German taxes). In places like Kuwait, Iraq or Kosovo, there is no income tax at all for these folks. Then we have the military tax free in war zones. I am not against this tax free status, when they are boots on the ground or below 39,000 feet in the airspace over the war zone. Except for places like Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait and dozens of other countries we are not at war with or cruising once a month in that Navy ship inside the Gulf so everyone on the boat are tax free for the entire month. In Kuwait select military managers and leaders live off post with the spouse and kids. They get literally millions in cumulative tax free additional allowances to put the kids in private schools (in formal designated tax free war zones) costing (me the tax payer) as much as $4,800 a month, per kid. One single military person I know lives in downtown Kuwait with nine (9) bathrooms. In Kosovo in 2000, the US State Dept ended the war in Macedonia and military were subject to US federal income tax. In the few months it to the Pentagon to get State to reimpose war zone status to Macedonia. The Army bussed every active duty out of sanctuary from a non war country to Kosovo once a month for a 8 hour round trip PX run. Thus they were all tax free for having been in the war zone that month. Feds in Macedonia on the other hand lost 25% incentive that NEVER was reinstated. State killed the federal employee war zone status (ended the 15% incentive) in Kuwait in Dec 2008, yet the military are still income tax free. Anyone see anything wrong with this. Think we have spoiled the military and PRIVATE company employees.
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  • You're simply jealous
    The Original Joe S
    that you aren't getting the same thing. Taxing these people is like a raindrop in a hurricane - practically no effect on overall taxes whatsoever. Quit Bleating.
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  • Thanks DD
    You make the case better than anyone and make Uruguay look like the promised land.
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  • could be
    deployed decoy
    I just checked State Dept allowance page. We are not at war with Urugury, no Danger Pay, no Post Diff. There is a tax free 25% COLA. Not sure why because housing allowance is limited to $15,300 per year. Makes me think things dont cost that much there. Until I look at the 5 STAR hotel rates and Per Diem of $389 a day (we know those State folks pay the special USA rate in the best places to set these rates). Then again the tax free education allowance per kid is up to $58,850 per year. I assume one could get a live in teacher/cook/nanny/maid for that. TO ORIG JOE, if not giving feds a raise for 2 or 3 years will save the planet, I can only assume a few BILLION $$$ in federal taxes would not hurt the cause. Why some military get 9 bathrooms is a question the public should be asking the President.
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