5:18 am, May 23, 2015

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  • The UAE
    deployed decoy
    Nothing like job security for USA weapons manufactures. Now both Israel and UAE can shoot down the jets we just sold Saudi. The ME is out of control. The leaders are born with god-like status they use to suppress their 99%. One example I like to relay. Circa 2001 the UAE was in Kosovo to help. Not sure who they were helping, must have been the Albanian Muslims, the Americans looked the other way when they killed old ladies of Serb ancestry under the watchful eyes of the Americans that stayed in Kosovo after the bombing stopped. The commander of the UAE had enough child porn on his computer that if he was in any civilized country, his teeth would have decomposed naturally during the jail term he would have been handed. Never mind said porn was downloaded over the USA network, or the fact the UAE barracks had enough booze (in violation of General Order Nr 1) to get the entire task force wasted for a week... I have lost respect for America. We buy our friends, even when they are slave traders or 11YO child rapists.
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