8:36 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Beam me up Scotty...with or without the $25,000
    I'm 6 years short of MRA. If they offered me an early out, even without the $25,000, I would jump on it so fast that they wouldn't even know what happened. The $25,000 for me after taxes would be around $15,000. That means absolutely nothing to me. What matters to me is if they offered me an early out, I could keep my health insurance (Where the heck is Obamacare?) along with having an immediate annuity instead of waiting for age 60. So I would only get 25% of my high 3 instead of 31%. I can still live on that. Beam me up Scotty...there is no intelligent life on this planet. PS: Politicians s&%k.
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  • With You
    deployed decoy
    Fed Up, I am with you on getting out of Govt. I plan to take it one level higher and leave the USA in the rear view mirror. I do differ on the Buy Out. I would have taken one last year. Until I learned I cant touch TSP until I turn 59 if I had gone out the door under 55 YO. So since I turn 56 MRA in Nov I wont be taking any buy out now... Along with having 14 weeks of AL to cash out in Dec 2012, I also earn over $1000 tax free in separation allowance and COLA every pay period here in the slave state of Kuwait (no 35% war zone or 35% Post Diff though like my brothers in arms 60 miles north). That tax free income pays the same if I decide not to cash out all that AL, but instead work part time next year, taking 3 or 4 weeks off every other month, while setting up shop off shore. Then I cash out my 1/2 million TSP, pay taxes on it once and go far far away as the FERS and SS offset checks keep rolling in. The only hard question to me is should I work all next year for around $17k in cash after taxes on leave cashed in, or work part time and enjoy the view?
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  • Expat locations for English Speakers
    Any recommendations for those of us who don't speak a foreign language? Canada, Australia, New Zealand?
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  • "Any recommendations for those of us who don't speak a foreign language?"
    FERS Fed
    Panama. Almost everyone speaks at least some English -- a benefit of the Canal Zone years.
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  • Buyout Blues
    Mr Ed
    First, most Fed employees that are complaining about their jobs should count their lucky stars. I have worked outside of the federal government for over 25 years in the private sector and will tell you it is A LOT ROUGHER than working within the government. And that was during the boom years!! Now the competition is tougher and you have to be willing to work more than the 60 hours you were working before. Weekends? Forget it! Holidays? What is that? You have to be able to work faster, smarter and harder than the next guy. I do not see that within the government but the government has created its own culture to be sloth-like. So now it wants to buyout at only $25K? What a joke! The last buyout I went through in the private sector was 1 month pay for every year with the company up to one year's pay. Most of the buyouts were focused on long timers with the company so they could hire cheaper employees if they replaced them at all. The government is trying to get away cheap with its paltry buyout plan and it won't work. There isn't even a carrot on the end of that stick.
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  • Buyouts
    I agree with you that the $25000 offered is not worth it for me. That is about 30% of a year pay. A year's pay might be worth it. Encouraging others to save their sick leave by offering a buyout of sick leave at 100% (this will not happen) is also great. However, unless you intend to leave anyway, the $25000 is worthless unless you are a low grade employee who intends to leave anyway. Good luck DD. Hope you get what you want.
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