3:27 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Federal pay rate outpaces private sector, lags behind inflation
    John B
    I'm curious as to where Mr. OConnell got the figures to state: "On average, federal employees were paid $75,296 last year. They also received $28,323 in pension, medical and other benefits" John H Bonnar DOD-Retired
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  • Manipulation of numbers
    Anyone can cite some stats to prove their point. Writer via USA Today uses a general private vs. fed overall for one year to show his point. This is baloney. You need to compare the pay and benefits of specific jobs with the same skill in the same locality. For example, Revenue Agents and Auditors match skills with partners and tax managers of accounting firms. Who do lawyers deal with? Who do the civil rights lawyers deal with? Compare the doctors in private industry with government doctors, with both having the same specialties. Who do you think gets compensated more? Probably private industry.
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  • public vs. private
    They're forgetting the contractors "private" that's working to support the government. I'm not sure how it is every where else in the government but contractors usually makes more then their civilian counter part. Also when comparing private vs. public did they consider the requirements for obtaining a government job? Most government job requires a 4 year degree in it's position. In the private you don't necessarily have to have a 4 year degree to do trade work and get paid a lot. If they're just counting the beans then that's one thing but there are multiple factors that most people aren't aware of. 2 Billion in savings is chump change compare to the porks that congress bring back to their states from the national coffer. However they still manage to put govie worker as scrap goats in the eyes of the ignorant and stupid people that we're the waste....
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  • Information incorrect
    This information is incorrect. I work for the Gov. and make nowhere neer that kind of salary. In fact, I make only a third of that. My wife is also Federaly employed & has been for the last 15-years, her salary is also conciderably less than stated. Want proof? I can share my pay stub-info with the nation. I have nothing to hide from them, I WORK for them.
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  • Incorrect how?
    Why do you believe that statistic is incorrect? Just two persons' pay stubs can't demonstrate that that claim is wrong. (The could in theory, if your combined salaries were so high that that statistic could be proven to be too low. But I doubt you make that many billions of dollars each year.)
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  • To Zoopy
    You make a valid point about 2 pay checks. However, as I wrote, statistics can and are manipulated. I prefer to compare job to job (using the same skills) in the same locality. I am sure that the people in private industry I deal with make much more than I do.
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  • Two Points
    First. Anyone who doesn't work for the government cannot make a cogent arguement that the pay is too high. How can they know what work is being performed, and the level of education it takes to perform that work? Almost everyone in my group has graduate degrees in technology and engineering. We work on extraordinarily complex and large scale projects that benefit almost every citizen of this country. Second, is it really healthy for America to insist that when a segment of society suffers in a recession, everyone needs to suffer? The people that suffer the most in a long-term economic downturn have the least to offer based on the decisions they have made throughout their life. They put themselves in jobs and careers that apparently are not valued very much.
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