9:58 am, May 25, 2015

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  • 2012 Dead Line
    How about we add on to the budget cuts bills,this thought? We the people and every Federal Employee in the USA We should file a bill that would STOP ALL Sentors and Congress WOMEN and MEN from having free Health Care after thier Retirement. yes, after they leave office, they get Free Health Care for Life after they leave office. Do you know how much this cost the USA Born Citizen that pays our IRS? Believe me they waste so much money and You the people,We the people dont even know of it because its Shhhhh to everyones Lips. Allow the Sentors and Congress to pay for thier own Health Insurance like all federal employees do AFTER they retire from thier job. We the people should not pay one penny and or dollars for theses wasteful human beings. Look at it this way they dont even do thier job correctly and vote everyday that they should vote and we all know of this fact. I say lets take back OUR Government Now before we really end up paying more and more and more. If you agree, then we need to start something soon.
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