9:35 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Yea, but.....
    Big Joe
    I've been waiting to buy back my service time now for 16 months. I filed the paperwork with my agency who did their part and sent it to OPM. Its been there for 14 months now and I haven't heard a peep out of them. My agency said they have done all they can do, and I don't know where to even begin with OPM. Meanwhile, my interest keeps accruing and I have to keep pushing back my retirement until I can buy back the time. Its great this law passed, but I'm wondering if we need another law passed that will us to take advantage of the first passed law! Why is OPM so unresponsive?
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  • Get Action
    I do not know if this will or will not help, but it may be worth a try. Write your Congressperson and complain about this unreasonable delay. Lay it on as thick, but truthful, as possible. Maybe someone will listen.
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  • I disagree
    I do not think we balance out. The raise in 2010 was 1.4%. That is understandable, but still nothing to crow about. No raises in 2011 and 2012 is a negative because we still lose out due to true inflation. I know our pay is based on something else, but the paymaster said we fell behind the private sector by about 2% more over the previous year. The FERS sick pay for retirement is something that benefits the government because it encourages FERS people to save their sick pay rather than use it. This causes less disruption.
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  • Balancing out
    I agree with Moderate that it doesn't balance out. I think for most Feds (non-military/non-law enforcement) the last 3 years have been horrible. And yet those of us still here are grateful to have jobs, unlike the 10% of the unfortunate ones who can't find work and the other 15% that are underemployed. I'm sure somebody's brilliant answer is that we need to export more low paid jobs or import more highly skilled workers. Either way for the middle class it's bad. Working forever is one of those theories that sounds like a good option but may be difficult, kind of like finding that great one-year old used car that somebody else paid the derpreciation. That's even harder to find than a unicorn. Either way, this country better figure out how to create jobs or it's back to the middle ages for a lot of us.
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  • Ohh those Govie overpaid workers
    I humbly agree that public workers should share the financial pain that everyone else is going through. However there should be a limit of the cuts. What bothers me is main the GOP are keep coming back and finding ways to even further reduce/cut benefits of the federal workers to please their ignorant voters. Let's not forget that a lot of the Tea Party candidate are receiving farm subsidies which adds up to be a lot. Funny how they don't mention anything about that. They're the same crowd that gets medical benefit for the rest of their lives from just serving one term. Hippocracy at it's finest....
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  • Remeber generally speaking the GSer's
    45 Cal
    are pay less than the private sector workers for the same job.
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