7:45 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Will 2012 Be Worse than 2011
    I believe 2012 will be worse than 2011. We have the $1.2B reduction in government spending. We will find out who will be affected by layoffs or other things with the reduced spending. We will have the tea party and the Republicans push for more reductions and threatening to close the federal government or at least play the game of chicken. They will of course blame the Democrats. We could have the Democrats losing seats in the Senate because there appears to be an overwhelming number of Democrats trying to get re elected vs Republicans. Of course the question is how many are from risky states. I expect Brown, a Republican, to lose because he is from a moderate state and is allied too much to the radical right. I forgot their names, but are any of the northeast women senators running? They could lose for the same reason.
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