9:45 pm, May 22, 2015

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    deployed decoy
    I think Sir Bieber would break out the speedo and produce a music video. That of course would cause widespread Bieber Fever, closing Americas middle schools for weeks. Mike, your estimate of pennies is one of those fuzzy math things only congress is allowed to use. Sales tax is around 7% most places I know of (Oregon is sales tax free, but Washington State sets up inspection points on the Columbia River bridges to catch sales tax cheats). That tax would be around $0.70 on $10. Kinda like congress paying for a $1.7T deficit increase, but maybe one day coming up with $1.2T in cuts spread over 10 years to 'pay for it'. On a much more concerned thought, have you made sure the batteries in those singing toothbrushes meet EPA guidelines? You are going to feel real bad when those made in China things spew battery acid in the granddaughters faces and mouths...
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  • Behind the times
    Decoy, you are behind the times on the Washington Sales tax. It is about 9.5% these days. It depends on the county and city as well as they tack on extra percentages. It is a little cheaper in Eastern Washington than Western Washington because the Eastern side doesn't add quite as much extra. I know because I am from Montana and Washington is nice enough to not charge us Sales Tax (Montana, Oregon and Alaska) as long as we take it out of state. But, you are right, if you are driving your pickup with your new refridgerator from Portland to Vancouver, WA, they could stop you and have you pay the almost 10% sales tax. Tha's almost $200 for a $2,000 fridge. I was going to say going to Seattle, but it would cost you more in gas than you would save in Sales Tax.
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  • Could "...a federal worker — say a contracting officer"...
    FERS Fed
    ..set up a PAC or a reasonable facsimile thereof to accept said gifts? It certainly seems to work out well for our "elected leadership". They're federal workers, too, aren't they? Or is this yet another law that doesn't apply to them?
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  • Didn't you hear?
    Did you hear the story about Congress playing Secret Santa and the gifts were limited to $10? I immediately said Congress doesn't know how to spend that little! Which is the joke, no punch line needed. But the $10 limit is due to Federal Law. I guess campaign contributions where they pay for clothing and personal living expenses don't count.
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