9:08 am, May 29, 2015

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  • TSA Union
    AFGE is surprised that this corrupt agency is also arrogant? They have arrogantly shoved their invasive procedures down the throats of Americans and have defied Congressional and public pressure to reform their practices. Now AFGE wants the same ‘due process” rights for their workers that their screeners routinely deny to travelers. The Union doesn’t seem to have a problem with their members routinely telling passengers that they “have no Constitutional rights” at TSA checkpoints. It is the AFGE screeners that have strip searched elderly women, groped countless adults and children, stolen nearly $1 million in passenger property from baggage that now want their rights protected while violating ours. In 2011, 62 TSA screeners were arrested for serious crimes including 11 child sex crimes. But AFGE wants further protections for these criminals. The management of TSA from Pistole down are corrupt, arrogant and abusive of both travelers and low level TSA workers. TSA has failed 70% of security tests and continues to allow 60% of airliner cargo to go unchecked. This agency needs to be abolished and replaced with something that actually provides rational airline security, not this absurd theater that TSA is so fond of touting. TSA Crimes & Abuses bit.ly/TravelUndergroundTSAabuses
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  • TSA Union
    First, your source, if that is what is listed at the end, does not exactly seem to be objective. I am just going by the title. Second, you use the term criminals. Were they convicted of anything? If not, they are not criminals. Third, have these elderly women objected to the normal screening that is used? If so, then they can be searched in a way they do not like. Also, you use the term elderly women. It would be easy for a terrorist to dress up like an elderly woman in a wheel chair with a weapon. That can cause havoc in a plane that is easily crashed ala 2001.----- Since you admit that management stinks, the workers need protection against their arbitrary actions. That is why a grievance procedure with outside arbitration is needed.
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