6:15 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Apples to Apples, Oranges to Oranges
    Tea Party = Toilet Paper Party
    What I find amusing is that the Tea Party a.k.a. TeePee Party politicians seem to think federal government workers make more $$$ across the board than the private sector. I have yet to see any federal worker in an admin position make more than the COMPARABLE private sector worker in an admin position doing the SAME job duties. The TeePee Party will compare a federal gov't worker, classified as an admin assistant and working in D.C. to some private sector admin assistant working at a dental office in Montana. The TeePee party will compare the salaries of federal gov't workers working overseas in combat zones to the salaries that their Elmer Fudd constituents make and think the feds make way too much money. Apples to Apples, Oranges to Oranges....the TeePee Party must not eat enough fruit to be able to distinguish an apple from an orange.
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  • "...in times of tight budgets, everyone is going to have to take a hit "?
    FERS Fed
    Really, Mr. Davis? So, when is ANY segment of the U.S. population OTHER THAN Feds going to take ANY hit?
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  • Stand up and hit back by voting and encouraging others to vote.
    One thing people forget is that the federal work force multitasks. We don't specialize in just one thing like the private sector. I don't know why they think we don't deserve a raise. People in the private sector got their raise and yes some lost their jobs due to their high risk and volatile employment(which is a risk they took knowingly). Other people are still doing great! If the public thinks were getting overpaid etc., its does not discriminate and we be glad to have you! Heck this is an open invitation to members of congress, senate and the house. Come on over! There are a wide spectrum of jobs you can come shadow for a day at least or two to see the life of a fed and then go back to the budget talks. Shared sacrifice? More like scape goats! By the way we are the middle class and what effects us does effect everyone. These are jobs for our children in the future and now, this is money that goes back into the economy.
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  • Are Politicians Productive People?
    Since so many politicians think all you have to do to balance the budget is to keep cutting and lowering pay and retirement benefits for federal employees it is logical to presume that politicians also work for the federal government, therefore, they too should have their salaries, pensions and health benefits reduced. In addition, no politician should be able to run for office if his/her civilian pay exceeds the national average of $50,221 (2010 Census. Only then will people who make the laws that take rights and pay from others understand what it is like to try and make ends meet while "free market" greedheads continue to raise their prices on everything.
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  • They always think the Federal Workers should take the hits
    The Original Joe S
    People making lots of money in the private sector start jealously bleating when the economy does a downturn. If they think it's so great to be a Fed, where are they? I served my 30 year sentence, and I'm OTFD [out the front door]. My pension is [supposedly] locked in, and it comes every first of the month via wire transfer. I'm so gone that I can barely remember the names of the peter-principle toads who were my bosses. I wouldn't recommend Federal service to my worst enemy. They use you up and throw you out. They tax the already-taxed pension contributions, and keep the residual if your heirs don't know about it. The congress are people who sell their bodies to the highest bidders. Peace on them.....
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