3:06 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Why Target Federal Workers When Contractors are the Problem?
    Radar Tech
    I am relieved that we are not being financially whacked again, but on another level I am still quite angry about all of this. The average contractor costs 1.83 times what the federal worker s/he replaced was costing. The contractor's company gives generous donations to the politicians and THAT is what is bankrupting the country. While the president of the United States is payed only $400K per year, a government contractor can make as much as $700K per year. Contractors in administrative services make 5 times as much as the federal civil servant they are replacing! America needs to be informed about the raping of our treasury by government contractors and they need to be educated about the campaign contributions that the political class get from those contractor companies. Spiral development contracts are absolutely KILLING the treasury and taxpayers get told it is all the fault of "greedy federal workers". Tell a big lie often enough and the people believe it and we federal workers end up "dodging bullets". [Souce of figures: POGO http://www.pogo.org/pogo-files/reports/contract-oversight/bad-business/co-gp-20110913.html]
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