12:34 am, May 23, 2015

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  • The clown writer?
    Tea Partier
    Surely you can't be serious that you don't know why the gov't is only funded until 9/30/12. That's the end of the fiscal year, you big dummy! I do think we should consider 2 year budgets, and make Congress part timers, like they do in Texas. It actually might make sense. I think there's some guy running for President who is proposing that.
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  • funding
    I believe Mike was saying that the government should be funded before the start of the fiscal year with a budget instead of a bunch of continuing resolutions. Might allow agencies to do their jobs instead of spending time on layoff procedures.
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  • Clowns
    deployed decoy
    For the most part clowns are PROFESSIONALS. Well a person can rent a clown suit... I assume the clown suit rentals inside the beltway includes a tie... The reason for the tie, to keep for skin from rolling over congress limp heads.
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  • Congressional Clowns
    The clowns in Congress are only interested in getting reelected.They're incompetent,arrogant,super egomaniacs,unethical,fiscally irresponsible,and collectively stupid.But they leave congress upon retirement/defeat more wealthy than when they entered congress.Now what does that tell us?And when you have the Rangel,Waters,Weiner,etc.personal/criminal misbehavior;the rest of the members refuse to expel them.
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  • Names
    Had you maned Republicans as well as Democrats I could respect your position. I doubt that you sincerely believe the Democrats have a monopoly on stupidity, corruption, and being obnoxious. I, who has different beliefs than you, certainly do not believe that the Democrats are angels while the Republicans are devils.
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  • Don't support the clowns
    Bill Samuel
    I assure you I have never voted in either a primary or general election for my Representative or either of my Senators. We simply have to stop voting for the machine candidates of either establishment party. We can vote for those candidates who run in the primary with the opposition of the party establishment, or for indpendent or third party candidates. The current dysfunctional duopoly is not enshrined in the Constitution. Most advanced nations have more than two parties. We need to really shake things up, and not just settle for the general run of D and R politicians.
    Bill Samuel Silver Spring, MD 20906
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  • Congrss
    Rest assured I would love it if my Congressional rep was voted out and replaced with a member of the other party. But, he has a stranglehold on his district and the last candidate to run against him did OK but not near well enough. Incumbents need more fear put into them but I don't know how to make that happen when a district is overwhelmingly one party, even for local politics. Meanwhile, the headline in today's Washington POST says, "Political crisis deepens in Iraq." Why? Because the two major coalitions can't get along. I believe they learned well from our Congress.
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