6:50 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Shut up, already...
    "We can't have 3,800 more vehicles on 395. It's going to cause interminable traffic delays…” Rep. Moran is an interminable tool. If 3,800 more vehicles on I-395 is a show stopper for this loud-mouth, then I would be interested in what other measures he will be taking to prevent more traffic on I-395. I guess all new job growth in NoVa will only be allowed if serviced by Metro? I will hazard a guess that Rep. Moran’s solution for this manufactured crisis is extorting additional $ from DoD. I found this account of Moran’s past support for this site interesting: http://retirejimmoran.com/2011/05/moran-originally-praised-mark-center-move/
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  • Let's not forget
    BRAC was mandated by Congress. Our elected leaders forced these organizations to move. I was affected by BRAC...being told my contracted building was too expensive and my organization was moved. Funny thing...that same contracted building...FULL of DoD employees. Please tell me exactly where the savings are....although, at least now I don't have to pay for parking.
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