11:29 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Cutting the Federal Work Force
    As a retired person from the military and now a government worker, I am sick and tired of our elected officials pointing to the federal workforce as a way to cut spending. I am not opposed to an equal cut if we have to have one. So, when cutting the workforce cut it equally. Cut - 10 percent of the Congress (those who can not do the job they were elected to do) including their staff, 10 percent of the Senete (again, those who can ot do the job they were elected to do) including their staff, 10 percent of the government security protecting them. Cut out all but the 240 hours per year of vacation a government employee is allowed to have for the elected officials, all other time taken to travel and run for re-election should be done on their time and dime, not the tax payers. Cut their pay and retirement plans to match those of government employees and if they last for 20-30 years then they can retire and try to live on it.
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  • What do the real numbers show?
    I would like to know what analysis the Congressman made to determine a 10% cut in the federal workforce would not effect government services. Generally, the demand for services increases. Can 10% less do more? Or was this not even considered? Don't bother to respond. I already know the answers.
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  • Big Brother logic
    Of course we can meet the goals. Big brother says so. And it will be done. Remember 2+2=5 if Big Brother says so.
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