4:11 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Defense of our Nation?
    Maybe the Republicans should remember that they are also impacting a sizable part of the DoD/DHS that provides for the Defense of our Nation? Some of these folks risk more than those in uniform who continue to receive pay increases. I'm one of them and since moving from the private section as contractor, to the Government, I took a sizable pay decrease, in order to have a Government opportunity. Since then NSPS repealed and two years of pay freeze. Hind sight is 20/20. One year, 286 days before I can retire with five years and jump back to the private sector where I will be looking at a $20-35K pay increase. Last time I checked providing for the Defense of the nation was a core function of Government that the Republicans were on board with. Oh wait, does anyone really know what the Republican agenda is anymore? Maybe the Republican's ought to read the report that was cited a bit closer and find that Federal Employees are not paid higher across the board than the Private sector. They need to stop going about this in a one size fits all manner. Freeze certain job series that are paid more perhaps, but stop penalizing the rest of us. Whatever happened to the Federal "Brain Drain" everyone was worried about with so many Federal employees getting ready to retire? This is not a time for good people to come into Government and it is only going to magnify the so called "Brain Drain" at some point.
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