5:29 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Contentious Hearing
    I saw portions of the hearing yesterday on CSPAN and I'll admit some of the Republican commentary was over the top. But if the female staffers had been subjected to this behavior from a Republican appointee, at this or any other federal agency, I dare say there would be outrage from our Democratic congressmen and the local editorial boards. Does political "correctness" exempt you from standards of decent behavior and good management?
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  • Bullying And Intimidation At NRC
    It was certainly true of Management from 1977-1997 when I worked there! As a former NRC Administrative Support Technician, we worked in a constant state of fear, intimidation and threats of Management retaliation on a daily basis. Prior to his untimely passing, my Branch Chief profusely apologized to The entire Support Staff for the neglect and abuse that we endured under The Office Of Administration; yet it didn't end there. For the next eight years, favoritism, nepotism, rules pertaining to overtime, leave and alternate work days when apllied to someones "Buddy" were conveniently overlooked. I live with PTSD every day because of those incidents incurred from those years; therefore, not having worked there for over 14 years I can say that a climate of "Fear, Intimidation and Bullying at NRC is nothing new and probably never will be correctly addressed. I really do get a good chuckle when I read that the NRC was chosen "The Second Best Place To Work In the Federal Government" as of November 2011! Michael Albert Vaccaro, Kensington, Md.
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