1:32 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Death Penalty
    Kenny Ray
    Anything OTHER than the death penalty for a guilty conviction in this case should not even be on the table. This so called soldier needs to be stood in front of a firing squad ASAP. He is a disgrace to the thousands of service men and women who have served honorably.
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  • Death penlity
    Path Finder
    Think about it this man has served his country for 3 tours of combat had taken a head wound, I am a combat veteren with 2 years streight in Nam. I can tell you , you can only take so much tension and gun fire and killing all around you and you wonder if you are next battle after battle you go back. How long can your luck last.After whilr you just don't give a dam you are going to die in that stinking place. I got to the point i just got up and walked into the gun fire toward the cong to just get it over or take as many out as possable so we might end it and go home.I was never the same again.
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  • At Your own risk
    Path Finder
    I would not even think of a death penlity for a man who has served his country with 3 tours faceing death every day and had a head wound to begin with and finally went around the bend, It happens. The man needs pity and help. I served in Nam. for 15 Mo. and was almost to the point of breaking you can only take so much of killing and destruction and tension as it was i suffered PTS. and was afraid to seek help as they put those that did seek help in the insane ward and your carere was over you could not get a job or a security clearence. Great just Great and you all want the death penilty. Think about it.
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