6:51 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • To Mr. Causey
    I would like to read what contrarian wrote. We may disagree on issues, but I have never seen an abusive comment from him.
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  • False Choice
    Mr Causey: you have re-written this false choice column dozens of times before. Yes the TSP is an excellent plan and yes the day-traders complaints should fall on deaf ears. But many passive, low-fee, anti-timing financial writers acknowledge that long-term diversification should include asset classes *in addition* to those on offer in the TSP. A great example is David Swensen, who suggests REITs and Emerging Markets are a critical part of a well-diversified retirement portfolio. Let's keep the fees low, keep the impediments that annoy market timers, but let's add more, passively managed low-fee funds for those who want more (non-speculative) asset classes. Please, don't write another column on the complaints of market timers without acknowledging those of us who want to keep the good of the TSP while making it better suited for a well-diversified portfolio.
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