1:38 am, May 24, 2015

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  • USCIS Transformation
    Every employee of USCIS knows (but is afraid to say) that Transformation is a total failure. Millions and millions over budget and years behind schedule, they are almost ready to process a small percentage of one form type in a stand-alone system that does not relate to other USCIS systems and is not remotely close to what Transformation was touted as being. It is appalling that USCIS has the temerity to lie to Congress and the American public and announce this as some sort of accomplishment when it is in fact an incredibly expensive and massive failure which should result in heads rolling starting with Mayorkas. Furthermore, those who have dared to speak out have been severely punished.
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  • Its a Billion Dollars in Immigration fees for nothing Ally - You haven't gone anywhere!
    The arrogance and hubris here is just plain awe inspiring. You have to give credit where credit is due... I hope when he goes back to being a civil rights lawyer he tells his clients how good he is with their money and that winning their case is not subject to a schedule. Then he promises that he will have a high quality win someday. Oh, and not to worry how much it has cost, or that I have done nothing so far, or that I have failed every promise to deliver something on your case after using every penny you have been able to scrape together for 6 years. When is somebody in Congress going to care? Despite cutting us off from being able to talk to the GAO auditors when they were at USCIS (unless a USCIS Transformation staff handler present to intimidate the IT staff) it looks like GAO got enough of the facts right to paint an accurate picture of this mess. It looks like the only thing about Transformation that has not failed at this point is the relentless spin on how successful it is despite the delivery of absolutely nothing.
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