12:18 am, May 27, 2015

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  • NUF http://www.acronymfinder.com/
    deployed decoy
    The problem with acronyms can be helped just a little at the subject line link. Of course some common versions have dozens to 100s of answers. In 2000 when I first deployed to Kosovo, I had to ask the contractors if I should know they were sneaking off to the dfac several times a day. That was when I learned that DFAC replaced mess/chow hall as Dining Facility. Should have been my first hint that making acronyms into words was just looking for trouble. Years later and many confusing situations behind me. Yesterday this bit us again. Kuwait customs had cleared several million dollars in IT equipment - 50 'items' Problem was we were expecting 6. Never mind said 50, was 'pallets' of stuff and just the switches were on over 20 said pallets that our side was counting as 1 item... In the end the company moving this stuff got even more confused. We told them to take it to the crisp. Now I don’t even know what CRSP stands for, other than it is main supply point on camp. But adding a vowel and making a word that means nothing to that poor lady from some depressed Pacific Rim country that was attempting to figure out where to take all this stuff, just complicated things. In the end it got here last night after 10PM with lots of hours of OT for our contractors (feds were sent home to save the budget) as they sat around playing facebook for most of 4 hours waiting for trucks that almost never came.
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  • My story
    Time Bandit
    I had a good job, also good benefits. Then I was laid off after 10 years being a contractor with the Navy, I was offered COBRA. Then I applied for COBRA 2 months later, boy what a mistake that was. I not only had to pay COBRA $1100 for the current month, I also had to pay an additional $2,200 for the previous 2 months. If I had known, I wouldn't have applied for COBRA. That was $2,200 I couldn't afford to pay but I did, basically $3,300 out the window and we never used our healthplan during this time. I understand it is a security blanket, just an expensive one we didn't expect. Then I found a job in my fourth month not working, I was laid off 6 months later due to the housing market tanking(Never get a bank job). They offered COBRA, this time they wanted $1900 a month!!! Good thing my husband was able to get insurance under his new job, I have been hunting for health insurance since I started another new job to see if we could save some money. Plan provider 1 wants to charge $750 to cover us both, Plan provider 2 wants $800 a month just for me & $700 a month for my husband. The reason I am being charged more by #2 is my height/weight ratio, ok..so I am 100lbs overweight. I never smoked, I rarely, if ever, get sick and I have NO pre-existing conditions: diabetes, cancer, etc. I have gone to one medical practice for the past 10 years and I get yearly checkups & screenings, I offered the insurance company to check my medical records there for proof but they won't. I can't fathom why I have to pay more because they ASSUME I am at risk for a stroke, get diabetes or whatever. Anyone is at risk for any health condition, I consider their action as discrimination against people of size. Secondly, there is another interesting fact I found, insurance companies use demographics. I reside in Centreville, someone who lives 5 miles down the road in Fairfax will pay $60 a month less than me, it depends on where you live as to what you are charged. There needs to be more regulated controls over health insurance companies, this insane business has to be put on a leash.
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  • Health insurance...
    Agree, Time Bandit, something needs to be done about the U.S. health insurance & health care situation. What we have in this nation is a really bad setup that adds health insurance overhead to the cost of our health care because of gov't policy/tax incentives. Employees should be paid for their benefits (i.e., remove the employer/gov't sponsoring of benefits) & allowed to buy their benefits on the open market like we do for car & home insurance. Basically, health insurance should be used for catastrophic situations only & folks pay for their non-cosmetic health care out of tax exempt funds. This would increase among health insurers & health care groups who would have to do a lot better with providing quality, cost effective products because consumers now have the internet to "blab" about bad service/practices. (Think Bank of America & their plan to charge folks $5, that drew negative press.)
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  • BCBS health plan turning into major medical...
    But not a major medical prices. With all the copays and deductibles it's not your mother's health plan any more. The out of pocket costs are skyrocketing. Don't get sick. But yet the total family cost is still $1,000 per month? I know I've paid a fortune, maybe prepaid for 2 or 3 heart attacks. When are we really going to fix health care?
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