7:49 am, May 22, 2015

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  • USPS's "dirty little secret"
    I'd laugh if it wasn't too painful. USPS says that workers don't always follow correct safety procedure. They should know - because, in some cases, they're ordered to ignore correct safety procedures. Until I retired in August, I worked as a flatsorter operator at the Portland Processing and Distribution Center. It was common practice for our supervisors to ask (not order) employees to work unsafely. If we refused, we were never "written up." Instead, they'd go around asking other workers to perform the unsafe work until they got people to do it. Last year, my facility was fined over $77,000 by OSHA because management allowed unsafe work practices - and 10% of that fine was deemed "willful" (ie., supervisors who were "caught" asking workers to perform unsafe work). Belief that USPS "really" cares about providing a safe working environment is a fantasy.
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