2:03 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • SSN Alert!
    deployed decoy
    Privacy Act of 1974 aside, protecting a persons Social Security Number in DoD is all but impossible. The super-secret SSN number is printed on our ID cards. We are required to give these cards to non-contributing nation foreign national sub contractors to get in the gate. When the commercial airport loses our checked baggage - very common on United Airlines that our leave the stuff off the over loaded bird out of DC on purpose. We need to let folks from these same countries, working for slave labor wages, at the Kuwait Cargo hold, make copies of our ID cards to get of stuff back. I need to use my SSN to log on to several "official" web sites - in some cases, even after using PKI encryption and PIN validation all built in to these same ID cards. Until this year we were required to put our full SSN on simple documents that had no need for anything but possibly the last 4 numbers. Most people I need to send formal documents to that contain my full SSN do not employ PKI encryption - a mandatory PII requirement to send Email containing SSN's. I could add more but why bother. My plan is when (not if) my identity is stolen, Im holding DoD accountable.
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  • B Day also
    deployed decoy
    Forgot to add birthday is next to the SSN on our ID cards...
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  • only 1 more thing
    If they made you put your mother's maiden name on your id card someone could have it all! B-day, SSN, mother's maiden name and place of birth (not hard to get) gets you a loan if you have good credit!
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