12:10 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Archiving tweets
    Given the financial issues confronting the US, maybe the National Archives should weigh the importance of preserving every tweet known to man; if not, maybe Congress should weigh the importance of the National Archives.
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  • Utterly ridiculous
    I agree with Catnap. The National Archives seem like a ripe candidate for downsizing and budget cuts since they foolishly feel that its a priority to spend our money collecting and preserving largely worthless tweets, especially without our explicit permission. Last time I checked, twitter already preserves our tweets in searchable fashion. Additionally, why isn't the National Archives interested in saving all of our gmail or yahoo mail, our facebook updates, etc? Government clearly doesn't understand its purpose anymore.
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  • Public Espionage
    Ex Military
    When people gather intelligence on a nation in order to do it harm, it is considered espionage, and is punishable by death. Even if the information gathered was public knowledge, it is still be considered espionage. When a nation gathers information on it's own people, and uses that information to violate their inalienable rights, it is called science or security, and is rewarded with government promotions and Nobel prizes.
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  • Government gets copies of all Tweets.
    Of course not a peep out of the Obama Lapdog ACLU.
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  • Over reaching Government eyes & ears
    If anybody thinks we have a benevolent Government, best think twice. Archiving Tweets, emails, blogs spots/conversations is government paranoia at its best. Why? In the name of terrorism will the Government protect us? Or is this the start of Government protecting itself against Citizen USA. I'll take the latter. It is clear why our constitution starts with free speech followed by an armed citizenry.
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