3:47 am, May 27, 2015

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  • SES bonuses
    Sorry, I can't muster any pity for SESers not getting their bonuses. The SESers I had contact with were totally self-serving, meaning that "public service" to them meant their bonus, high pay, and other perks re leave. The main tasks of an SESer in my immediate office were attending a weekly Monday morning management meeting, announcing new hires, announcing all hands on board meetings, organizing the holiday party, and being as rude and nasty as possible to rank and file staff. The entire SES system needs to be done away with. Use higher levels of the GS scale instead.
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  • I agree
    Time Bandit
    When I used to be a Navy contractor for 10 years, I met my share of SESers. What a bunch of pompous morons, it was told to me that they hold the same level as an Admiral on the gov't level, Please! How about rewarding those who put in long hours at work, those that did the work. It's those like me that busted our backsides doing all the grunt work, what did we get...ZIP! I'm glad I left that toxic environment behind me, I don't miss being a contractor but I do miss not working for the Navy.
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  • quotas in the form of goals
    They do make you do more work and set the time goals nice and low so that it is impossible to do the job properly. And when Congress is done with us, it will get worse as they want us to meet the quotas...oops, I mean goals.
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  • Most SES'ers don't deserve a pay raise.
    Want a pay raise? Let's tie it directly to the "Best Places to Work" table. Those finishing lower than the top ten get ziltch. I bet that makes these mediocre morons step up their game towards employees, especially in the moronic SBA, where nothing good ever happens for employees.
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  • Are you kidding me!?
    A 13,000+ bonus! And I'm supposed to feel sorry for them? I'm afraid I just don't get it. Take that money and save some poor GS4's job. There's just no excuse for sort of excess for one individual.
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  • SESers
    I'm glad to see others share my opinion of SESers. I once worked under one who wouldn't decide if she wanted to give the opening speech at a national conference. The day before, after all the conference programs had been printed and delivered to the conference site, at considerable expense to the contractor, she decided to speak but disallowed the programs from being disseminated because "Welcoming Remarks from the Office of..." rather than her name was in the program. So, let's not get weepy about their bonuses, not when rank and file are lucky to get $350 before taxes, the same rank and file who do all the work for the SESer.
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