8:52 am, May 28, 2015

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  • important decision
    This is indeed an important decision. We made the big mistake of choosing Aetna. Thousands of dollars later we're switching back to BlueCross. Thought about GEHA as well, as they look good on paper. However, with the great BlueCross experience we had with our kid and the bad Aetna experience we had with her (same problem just different insurance companies), we just can't afford to take any more chances with her health or with our savings accounts.
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  • Too many people over pay
    BCBS is too expensive unless you have chronic health issues. Choosing BCBS or any of the other $200 per pay period plans doesn't make sense for most people yet they do it because they won't do the research. It's like folks who buy those silly home warranties every year just encase something major breaks in the house. Most people would come out way ahead if they would just put the money in a savings account every year instead of sinking money into a useless policy like a home warranty. The same is true for health insurance. Save $100 in premiums every two weeks and put the money into a HSA. If you do you'll save $2600 per year in premiums that you would otherwise give to BCBS or some other insurer.
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  • Too many people over pay
    Rob, I realize that you are very happy with your plan. I imagine that it is cheaper for you to use a high deductible with savings account plan rather than a lower deductible no savings account plan. I would also agree that some, not most, would be financially better off under your plan than under a lower deductible plan. But, to say most is not reasonable, because you are guessing. You may or may not be right. I do not know and neither do you. Others might be happier just having a lower threshhold just in case of an expensive issue. Who knows? It would be more probable that the older one gets the better chance it is that one would be better off with a lower deductible plan.------I have BXBS with money contributed for deductibles and co pays. I pay $7000-8000 per year. I have never lost money in the medical reimbursement plan.
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  • High deductibles
    It all depends on the coverage. As the Federal work force ages, medical costs go up. You may think you are healthy at 50 as you run everyday, watch what you eat and keep your weight down, don't smoke or drink, but I know too many that got hospitalized with heart problems and other issues. Not because of their life style, but becaue of their genes. It's a gamble. And while the deductible may be $5,000 and a set amount, the out of pocket or other issues may come into play. We looked at the high deductible BCBS. Very low premiums. But limited prefered provided and they cover almost nothing if not a PPO. I live in a small town, for major stuff we have to travel and many of the other towns are not PPOs. Then you pay through the nose. But, everyone must look at their own general health, age and ancestors to determine what is best for them. But, for the young and healthy and all you are looking at is castestrophic, safe the $200 a month to a savings account or health savings plan and go for it.
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