10:11 am, May 27, 2015

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  • investing by the odds
    deployed decoy
    I am no market timer, just as the person in todays story is not. They like me, believe this country and by default the stock market are manipulated and controlled by a just close to illegal league of criminals. All teams with varied interests but one goal to make money at all costs. I too have sat out most of this year in the G fund. Back when the Dow went under 10,000 after the years high back in March, I went in with 35%. I sold a few days later netting a couple points. Problem is TSP (and I was well ahead of the noon deadline being +8 hours from the Beltway) screwed up my trade. Causing me to 'get out' 24 hours after I should have. That cost me around $1700 because the market went down that 2nd day I should have been back in the uncertainty of the G fund. It really makes no difference if I lose all my money in the C fund, or have the Govt seize it in the G fund to pay China interest on their bonds... I do intend to buy back in when the market hits 6000. Figure that number is going to come up long before the 14,000 peak of 2007 again. Any buy and hold fool in the C fund is still down a few points over 10 years. Things are not looking any better today. Any fool that didnt cash out at 14,000 in 2007 or 12,000 this spring deserves to work until they are 99. Betting on this game without being on one of those teams is a crap shot during the best of times.
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  • TSP
    Tea Partier
    Apparently, the person with the MBA must not be familiar with mutual funds, which is what the TSP is. "Mutual funds only trade at the end of the day because you trade mutual funds based on their net asset value (NAV). To determine the NAV at the end of the trading day, the mutual fund company looks at all of the assets that are in the basket, determines their value and divides that number by the total number of outstanding shares in the fund. As you can imagine, this can be a complicated process, and the fund company only wants to go through it once a day, after the market closes." from Mutual Funds 101 at Forbes.com. I guess they don't teach this in MBA classes.
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  • No timing
    I do not sympathize with those who want to time the market with their tsp money. That is not the purpose of tsp. It is for security. And I do not want to pay for their trades. At least contrarian is willing to pay for his trades. I respect that.
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  • I've observed the same thing...
    FERS Fed
    ...as Mike's 'frustrated TSP investor'. Since TSP implemented monthly limits on such transfers, it seems to take a minimum of 36 hours to take effect, regardless of the time of day submitted. I've submitted interfund transfers several hours prior to their noon 'deadline' only to see the transfers implemented after the next day's market close. Wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find out that such delays are intentional. The TSP seems to be more interested in protecting us from ourselves than anything else.
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  • Oh, come on people!
    I can’t believe after all this time there are still Feds who don’t know what TSP is and how it is supposed to work. It was designed for long term investment, not day trading. Personally, I am glad there is a delay in processing changes. It keeps the system from being flooded with requests to move funds and helps keep down the cost of administering the system. I understand there are some out there who did not bother to read the memo, but that is their fault. I only submit changes at the beginning of the quarter, based on past performances, current trends and expected trends. Other than that, I just let it ride. I don’t move my money into funds when the price is high, and I do not sell when the price is low. I do suffer the occasional temporary loss in value, but in the long run I come out ahead.
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  • Let it ride
    If folks want to try and time the market I say go for it. I neither have the time nor the stomach to jump in and out of the funds. I think it's a losing strategy anyway and I'm not in a position to gamble away my retirement on some wild notion that I can beat the index. Some of you think you can do it and maybe you've had some short term success, but over a 30 year career 95% of you day traders will end up with less money then if you just left it alone.
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  • I'd pay full costs to have a totally self directed option
    Other states and companies have private self directed options on the plan that don't cost the other participants anything. The lack of this option makes guys like Bogle even richer because his business profits while our funds languish. The S&P 500 is 25% lower than where it was in 2000. How's that for the definition of a lousy investment?
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  • Self directed option
    I'm not sure I understand why you can't have a self directed option. Go out to any stock brokerage, set up a automatic debit from your bank account into your brokerage account and make all the traces you want in any fund, company or strategy you want.
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  • Simple
    they also want to play with the money that they get in matching from Uncle Sam. Problem is that when they lose it all in "not timing the market" they will then blame their losses on having too much freedom. The old "grass is always greener on the other side" saying seems to be coming into play here. How many people were saved from themselves by there not being a real estate option on the TSP?
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