9:50 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Guns and Gold
    deployed decoy
    Mike, you forgot two critical survival items - guns and gold. The guns (and lots of bullets) needed to protect your nuclear hardened bunker from the starving roving hoards, or to perform your sworn oath of office when congress is formally declared a domestic enemy of the state by the Supreme Court. In the future, an ounce of Gold of course can be traded for a pint of gas and a couple cans of expired dog food for dinner. You could stretch the gas by using $100 bills to help get the fire going. The real worst-case-scenario is; the markets implode globally, the USA defaults (default whether actual or just the printing of 27 Trillion dollars) federal retirements, social security, and TSP G Fund reserves are terminated and seized by the US Govt through austerity measures. One congress person already has plans to kill FERS... It is only a matter of time.
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  • Gold
    Who can afford to buy gold? It is way too expensive. And probably will drop in value if I bought some! You may be right (if exagerating with artistic license), but I hope not.
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  • NUF
    The only place I've ever seen a woman wear 7 inch high heels is in a strip club.
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