8:24 am, May 28, 2015

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  • OPM snow job
    There are at least two problems with any early dismissal policy: first, the vacillating by OPM on any early dismissal (how long did it pour down the snow on that February day before they realized people might have problems getting home if they stayed until 5 p.m. or later?) and second, the time it takes for word of any decision to filter down to the agencies and on to their employees. It's not unusual in my department for the early departure time to have passed before we're released, especially if it's only two hours.
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  • OPM Snow Policy
    The problem I see is if you are in a mixed Fed/private van or carpool. If the van driver says it's leaving earlier or later than your dismissal, then you won't be allowed to take the administrative leave. Doesn't seem equitable.
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  • What about LA
    deployed decoy
    Just for the record So Cal and Las Vegas are all but paralyzed this morning. LA having the worst traffic outside Kuwait City on the planet. Where is OPM on this one? Opps I forgot they only care when their or some congress persons kid is stuck in that private $20k/Yr school.
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  • early departure
    OPM should switch civil servants to the Congressional work schedule of noon Tuesday to COB Thursday. In addition, federal workers should also be on the same "adjournment" and vacation schedule as the House. This would greatly decrease the chances of needing early dismissals. This work schedule would, just like Congress, provide pay for a 40 hour work week, the same contribution to a federal retirement plan, the same access to FEHBP, FSAs, HSAs, and accrual of leave.
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  • Good luck
    Never happen. Do these Congresspeople also work in their districts?
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