9:42 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Practice what he preaches?
    I am wondering if Moran participates in Ride Share. Requiring all these employees who currently have decent commutes to report to work with no way to get there is really terrible. Now 4,000+ employees have to pay a daily price for the underhanded contracts developed years ago. It's appalling.
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  • It never ceases to amaze me
    I guess all the time that HUGE building was being built, nobody noticed...particularly the congress that mandated the BRAC to begin with!
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  • Not all 6,400 are moving by years' end
    Our office isn't relocating to the Mark Center until August 2012. Don't expect the traffic you see at the end of 2011 to be the worst of it ... mid-September 2012 is when you will see how bad it will really be. That is when you will have the Mark Center fully occupied, the students and teachers back on the roads, and the lobbyists back at work. Amazing how we continue to march down the wrong path even though we know it's the wrong path and we know that disaster waits for us when we finally reach our destination.
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  • Drop in the bucket
    Nearly 200,000 cars a day were already traveling on 395, and yet the 3,800 traveling to Mark Center are the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back? Bologna. Traffic in the area was broken long before DoD's move the Mark Center, and will be broken long after. The "new" traffic is just a drop in the bucket -- less than a 2 percent or less sized "drop." By the way, was this story supposed to be commentary, or news? If it's news, it's truly lazy journalism, without a single fact cited regarding how traffic has supposedly gotten much worse since the DoD move to Mark Center. "The worsening traffic in northern Virginia is confirming Rep. Jim Moran's warnings about the Defense Department's decision to move 6,400 to the Mark Center in Alexandria, Va." Really? According to data in an IG report which you didn't even include in your story? Did you even read the report? We're the "facts" in the report so weak that they couldn't even be included in your story? How about some real facts? How about facts not only from the IG report, but also from the Army's response? Speaking of facts, how much worse is traffic now, exactly? How many DoD Mark Center employees are actually driving to work every day? Of that number, how many were already traveling on 395 daily, when the employees worked in Rosslyn and other locations? Are the DoD employees driving to Mark Center all arriving at the same time, or are they arriving at different times to lessen the traffic impact? Are there any other facts you could have shared, vs. speculation and serving as Cong. Moran's cheerleader?
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  • What is the REAL Story?
    Don Carr
    The BRAC process is not something that can be discussed and reported so simply as to just reprint a sound bite or two from people who obviously have only one point of view. BRAC involved a LOT of hard work by honest and sincere military and civilian professionals to develop recommendations intended to improve DOD stewardship of the resources entrusted to it. It wasn't a means by which Rumsfeld made arbitrary decisions, as has been said this week, that he then passed on to bureaucratic automatons to simply execute. Indeed, basic BRAC law doesn't allow that. Each service made its own recommendations to DOD, then DOD - as required by law - submitted them to a Presidential commission, a commission that by design and by law is separate from the DOD. The commission held hearings across the country during which hundreds of elected officials and citizens testified as to their opinions, preferences, and worries about the recommendations. The Commission refined the recommendations and sent them to Congress. CONGRESS passed them (please consider that single fact), and sent them to the President. On his signature, BRAC 2005, including Recommendation 133, became LAW. Take a close look at http://www.brac.gov/docs/CertifiedTranscript_7JulyArlington.pdf and consider things said now in relation to things said then. Ask yourself whether there is genuine concern about traffic around Mark Center, or could it be something else? Look for concerns for traffic in the transcript. Note what concerns were expressed in 2005 in relation to what people today want you to think they said about traffic. Take a look at page 12 and the comment about Virginia already planning - in 2005 - for transportation impacts. Don't you wonder what that source would say today? Three years into the process, when the Mark Center was selected for the 6,400 BRAC133 jobs, public response - including that of our elected officials - was cautiously optimistic, to coin a phrase. Don't take my word for it. Simple Google searches should bring you any number of media accounts about how the Mark Center decision would WORK for these jobs.
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