7:41 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Saving the EU
    deployed decoy
    Since my kids are insured until 26 through FEHB. I have every intention of keeping BX the primary coverage. All medical bills will be paid in cash by me as they have for 11 years with the kids in Germany. This is converted to Euros and submitted to BX. What BX does not pay (around 75%) I will then pass to the German federal (social) health care plan to pay all the rest. My oldest (19) will start to have German social health care in 2012. My thought process is simple. Save a country, thus save the world economy at the expense of a for profit US company, that is surly not too big to fail. BX made an estimated $14,000 off me this year, I plan getting my 2% back in the future as I got this year. Course as soon as I retire at the end of 2012, I will suspend FEHP. The kids can die fast, painful deaths while I use VA, saves me big time in higher education costs, since I cant deduct them any longer.
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  • Taker Planet
    Not really important where it originated, but the love of free stuff has infected everybody, even DD.
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  • Cheap Health Care
    Unless you qualify for the German Health care system, you can alway do what my in-laws did. They have Tri-Care (retired military), a private insurance (free on retirement - from the good old days) and medicare. They pay zero for health care other than the premiums. That included zero for opean heart surgery for my father-in-law that probably ran over $200,000. No out of pocket between the three coverages. That includes prescriptions. Now they do not have dental insurance. So my mother-in-law complains about the cost of dental. Jeez! Can't get it all at zero out of pocket!
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  • Why...
    Why would you expect the German governemnt to pay for your kid's healthcare? Do you or they pay German taxes?
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  • Double Feds
    It is intersting that the two couples that I know where one fed is still working and the other retired, they both have their own health insurance. Both always have. I think that was more for "the in case of" situtations. What if the spouse carried the insurance all this time and then died or divorced just before you wanted to retire. Oops, 5 more years to qualify for your insurance. Not to mention the premiums can be cheaper for two singles than 1 family.
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