9:58 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Partial Story
    Tea Partier
    Somehow the AP failed to mention that the companies that process payrolls said that it takes 2-3 months just to handle the programming for the annual payroll calculations, and that a mere 2 month extension in the tax cut was unrealistic. You would think the AP might think that was important to the story. These payroll companies are nonpartisan.
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  • "...it takes 2-3 months just to handle the programming..."?
    FERS Fed
    They should be looking for some new programmers.
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  • Partial agreement
    I agree with tea partier that it should be for one year if at all. However, the thrust of the article is how to pay for it. There is all sorts of nonsense proposals that affect the lower economic class and the middle class. How about raising the income taxes on the wealthy by raising the tax bracket percentages to a higher level. Obama suggested a million dollars of income might be the break point. Oops, that might offend the tea partiers.-----I do believe that large complex entites could have programming difficulties with the 2 monthextention. However, this is just a belief as I am no expert on programming. How about we hear from the experts.
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  • Tea Party needs to go
    Tea Party = Toilet Paper Party
    Solution to the gridlock: Get rid of the Tea Party. They have no clue on how gov't works.
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  • do we really want them to learn?
    As a federal employee, I would rather clean house and start over with people who have spent time in a smaller organization who might have a clue how to work together for the larger good instead of simply wondering what's in it for me. I worked as an intern at the State Senate level - where the senators were part-time and actually held jobs at home to make ends meet. Sure, you saw partisan politics, but it was much less and they actually had to deal with their constituents because they worked among them for part of the year.
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  • Woeful "America last" thinking
    The GOP holdouts against the 2-month extension have only one reason for their intransigence: They value head-in-the-sand partisanship over reasonable compromise, not to mention over the American working family. I am NOT a blind Obama fan. I wanted him in office and I am aware of the terrible hand he has been dealt while in the White House, but I think he has made some serious errors. Nevertheless, he remains infinitely preferable to his predecessor, and he has demonstrated a willingness to compromise in extremis. The GOP hardliners have had only one objective since the day Obama took office: To be as obstructive and destructive as possible to his presidency under all circumstances ... and to heck with the American people. During the dark eight years of Dubbya's terms, I realized he was the worst domestic threat to these United States since General Robert E. Lee led his army onto the field at Gettysburg. (And at least Gen. Lee was a man of great courage and honor.) However, I did not assume all GOP members were of similar ilk and I remained open-minded to many of their party's stances. Sadly, the performance of the GOP since Jan. 20th, 2008 has changed my point of view. Far too many GOP faithful do not think before they bleat, and then follow the party's woolly-headed dogma towards disaster.
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  • Let the payroll tax cut expire
    It was a "robbing Peter to pay Paul" scheme anyway. Robbing the Social Security fund. Dumb idea to begin with.
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  • GOP on collision course ... with itself.
    I almost wish a law could be passed called the "Anti-Day-To-Day Government Act." The act would forbid "continuing resolutions" that extend negotiations on issues like this for any timeframe of less than a year. That would either force compromise or put a squabbling party on the electoral hot-seat in spades. This Republican stalemate in the House which even the Wall Street Journal recognizes as Republican reminds me of my divorce in one fundamental way. I was living in a community property and no fault divorce state. Even so, I was able to escape all responsibility for my ex's debts (3 times that of mine), had no spousal support order (child support wasn't an issue), and the judge even made the decree non-modifiable. Why? I didn't have an especially brilliant attorney. But, he didn't have to be brilliant. My ex and her attorney infuriated the judge on 2 very important issues and several smaller issues - resulting in me winning every concession in the hearings. All my attorney and I had to do was sit back and "watch the show" as my ex's case self-destructed. Congress has been on a "run" of continuing resolutions and last-minute deals. And this failure to reach any long-term compromise on fundamental issues is infuriating the electorate. If they continue in this fashion, I predict a 2nd term for Barack Obama. How could we possibly trust a Republican President to do the one thing even Speaker Boehner has been unable to do - unify the party? And, this infuriated electorate might also expand the Senate's Democrat control and give the House back to the Democrats. Obama and the Democrats? They aren't especially brilliant. But, they don't have to be brilliant. All they have to do is sit back and "watch the show" as the GOP self-destructs.
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