10:14 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Ft Hood
    deployed decoy
    Well I for one feel everyone gets checked at the same level. It only take one. Think Ft Hood. But I know of dozens of other cases that didnt make front page news. Then factor in, not only the Ft Hood types. Remember some 30% of vets have documented stress levels that get them in the group of fools who used mental illness to shoot a former president.
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  • Stripes 1 Dec
    deployed decoy
    I posted the above yesterday 30 Nov. Today the headline stories in the overseas Stars and Strips are: House votes to speep up screening. And well the other side of my concern: VA unable to meet demand for mental health care. I stand by my thoughts. the next major inicident on a commercial carrier will be a service member bent on getting even.
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