10:27 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Pick carefully
    Pick you plans carefully, and ask around, don't just "trust" the published brochures and plan details. I pay over $8500/year out of pocket for Aetna and I'm VERY unhappy with these jokers. It's one of those situations you read about where you find yourself laying in bed at night with your spouse talking about how the heck we're going to get the insurance company to stand by their word. In fact, we were having that conversation just last night. We're dumping Aetna this year and switching back to BlueCross who not only had cheaper premiums, they actually did what they said they were going to do, and you can't ask for much more than that.
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  • Don't just ask around, READ the brochures
    It sounds like you had BCBS then switched to Aetna. If BCBS did what they said they were going to do and had lower premiums then why did you switch in the first place? You must have the Aetna Open Access plan which IS over priced (as is BCBS by the way). If Aetna isn't following what's in the plan brochure then you should file an appeal if you haven't done so. Asking around and not reading the brochure is what gets people in trouble.
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  • Over Priced
    All insurance companies are over priced until you get that $100,000 bill from the hospital for what ever emergency you might have had. At $10,000 a day or more for ICU, the bills add up quickly, then if your out of pocket is reasonable, you feel the insurance is worth every penny. We used to have a Regional Insurance with a $1,500 out of pocket, which was great when we hit it a couple of years with knee surgury and other injury type issues. BCBS is twice that and more, but when a simple lapascopic out patient sugury on a knee was $15,000 plus dollars, it is still worth the insurance. Imagine if that was open heart sugury at $400,000 and up! Even 10% could put you in bankruptcy without the maximum out of pocket limits.
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  • How do RETIREES get a look at it?
    The Original Joe S
    I don't see that here.
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  • FEHB not so great
    I was surprised to discover that my wife's employer offers better insurance at less premium and co-pays and no need fo referrals to specialists. Yet, they are a smaller organization than the Federal Gov't. Could it be that larger pools don't always translate into lower cost and better benefits? Who in the Federal Gov't is negotiating these rates and benefits?
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  • Re: FEHB not so great
    I wonder, though, will your wife's organization will continue to cover you and your family after she retires? If so, will the premiums be the same as while she is working? If not, you'd better make sure that you are enrolled in the FEHB 5 years prior to you retireing.
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